apple picking!

It never feels like fall until I go apple picking. Yesterday afternoon Jeremie and I headed out with Sarah, Chris and Justin to an orchard in NY state not too far from the Newburgh-Beacon bridge. The drive was amazing. This has got to be prime leaf-peeper time. The orchard had a funny system. You drive your own car into the orchard and you fill up bags with apples. You pay by the bag instead of the pound. We were pretty sure we were getting the short end of the stick but when I got home I jumped on the scale with the apples and found that we had 21.5 lbs of apples. Divided out, the price came to around 50 cents/lb which is pretty darn cheep.
We had cider donuts. Cider donuts taste good. Kettle corn tastes good too. My stomach is not very fond of kettle corn and cider donuts together.

picking pictures: in the gallery.

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