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It’s late, late, late in the day & I’m stuck here at work because Jeremie and I carpooled and he is in crisis mode down on the first floor. As I am a nice person I am not going to leave him stranded here. Instead I will take some time and update this with what the heck I’ve been doing the past two weeks. I’ve been a busy bee.

A couple of Thursdays ago, the day after my previous post, Jeremie and I treated ourselves to a lovely dinner at Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills, NY. I say treat because it was a little more than we usually spend for dinner and I had to make reservations a month in advance (thanks, OpenTable). The food was fantastic. Even the butter was out of this world. I recommend highly.

Last week Monday I flew out to Madison, WI with a couple of my work friends/colleagues to head up our recruiting efforts there. A very nice time was had by all. It’s a great school and we talked to a lot of good people at the career fair. Amy gave us a walking tour of the campus and so many things are eerily similar to UMich. Madison’s main drag is State Street and it has 2 Espresso Royale Caffes on opposite ends of the street, just like in Ann Arbor. Crazy!

We flew back to CT Wednesday morning, utterly exhausted. I did a couple loads of laundry that night and then Jeremie and I packed up the car and headed out to Detroit on Thursday afternoon. The drive was beautiful but served as an excellent reminder as to why I love flying. We didn’t get to his parent’s house until a bit after 1a Friday morning. The last hour and a half were definitely a struggle. Same thing on the way home. We left around noon on Sunday, planning to be home around 11p but Pennsylvania had other plans for us. We got stuck in construction traffic right near the end of I-80 in PA and that debacle cost us about an hour and 40 minutes of our life. Arrival at home: 1am.

It was all worth it. We had a lovely time in Detroit and it was the first time in as long as I remember that all of Jeremie’s siblings and I (and his parents) have been in the same place. We spent a good amount of time with his Grandma who is One Cool Lady. We shul’ed it up for Yom Kippur, fasted the whole day and had a great break-fast in the makeshift sukkah/florida room. Jeremie’s mom made this fantastic boterkoek with ginger in it that I’m still dreaming about. So tasty! Mmmn, butter. After most everyone had left from the break-fast, Jeremie, Elias, Adena, and I sat around the table and listened to Grandma tell stories while we enjoyed delectable fresh figs, hand-picked apples and pomegranates. She told us some fantastic stories of her times as a young woman working in downtown Detroit, back when Detroit was a fancy place to be. She was a feisty one!

The crazy travel is over for a couple of weeks, then it will pick back up again. For now, I’m going to try to get as much sleep as I can. So far, it’s been an unsuccessful week in that department.

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