Seder 1

Hello, hello. The time in Brussels is 3:45am and we just got back from the seder! This is definitely the latest-running seder I’ve ever attended. We didn’t get started until 10:30p (well after Shabbat, afaik) and had many prayers and discussions before we reached the eating part around 12:40 am. The food was delicious: cold poached salmon, gefilte fish, haroset, beet salad, brisket, roast chicken and so much more. After appetizer, soup, meal, dessert and a couple of rounds of Taki (an Israeli card game), we regrouped at the table to finish off the rest of the seder.

It looks like Jeremie has fallen asleep but I am quite awake. Oh well.

Thought for the evening/morning: if nobody talks about politics, do politics exist? Discuss.

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  1. Ben Says:

    Yes. I mean no. Maybe?

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