Greetings from Belgium (again)

Hello all!

We’re back in Brussels to spend the first few days of Passover with Jeremie’s family. We got in yesterday morning and spent pretty much the whole day at Jeremie’s grandma’s house hanging out and trying not to fall asleep. Elias taught us all how to play Set and I really liked it. I should get a deck for myself. We also went to the Cora and I got a canister for Senseo pods and a new type of Senseo pods – Sumatra blend. Looking forward to trying it when I get back.

Last night I slept for 12 hours. It was awesome. Now we’re waiting for everyone to shower so we can head out. Happy Passover to all who such greetings apply to!

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  1. Benjamin Says:

    My family is pretty crazy about the “Five Crowns” card game by the same manufacturer. Ultimately we figured out with “Set”, you either are really good at it, or you are not. There isn’t really any “getting better” at it.

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